dilluns, 7 d’abril de 2014

Un llarg cap de setmana a Londres

Alumnes de 2n de Batxillerat van visitar Londres entre el 28 de març i l'1 d'abril de 2014.

London experience

Here I’m supposed to explain how our London trip was but you already know how it goes: you wake up early, you travel by underground or train, you eat lot of junk food, you spend lot of money, and, if you can, you party! And of course we did it all, and it was fun, at least at night (mornings were hell!!).
However, the best part of it all was getting to know each other better, especially the teachers!! Travelling is always great, but if it brings you the opportunity to meet another face of the people you think you know, it is much better! In spite of all the walking that Pedro make us go through and that almost killed us, we had such a great time thanks to it and to the interest all of the teachers – Pedro, Eva and Sergi – showed for our opinion of what we were doing.
So, summing up, future generations: you MUST take part in that experience. You’ll never forget.